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Stop. Breathe. Listen.

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Too many times we push ourselves too far down the path the world has for us and we ignore what our bodies really want to do – rest. Even for a moment. Sometimes we push ourselves so hard and consider breathing optional when it is in fact a necessity.

Too many times, I have taken for granted the meaning behind a breath and have even found myself not breathing and holding the tension, the anger, the sadness and the world’s pressures within my lungs.

This poem serves as a reminder that while we are experiencing this human journey, we should all allow ourselves the opportunity to perform a miracle – just breathe.

As you read, take every opportunity that you can to use your breathe to propel the next line, realizing that there is acceptance in every inhale and healing in every exhale. 

Just breathe.
(take a deep breath in 4. 3. 2. 1. and release)

if you listen to your breath underwater

you can hear all the things your body wants to say
etched and enunciated so precisely
the vibration of the words echoing through your bones
the message of the skin you are in
radiating outwards
if you listen to your inner thoughts under water
you can hear the things you’d like to say to yourself
the voice that gets silenced as you pressure yourself to be great
as you let the pressure of the water carry the weight of the load
you can
if you listen to the cacophony of the world passing you by
you can hear your heartbeat thriving in the freedom
your mind leaning back against the skull
your muscles letting go of the tension that the days and nights have brung
your breathes deepening
your eyes closing
your vibration rising
high above the bullshit
if you
you gain freedom
even just for a moment.
freedom to feel yourself
freedom to smell the air
freedom to stand still in the darkness
freedom to be light
freedom to pause, rewind, or just stop.
if you 
you will notice

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  • This gave me chills. I particulary appreciated the line in the prologue that read “that there is acceptance in every inhale and healing in every exhale.” The poem itself is beautiful. It reminded me the many times I felt my lungs collapsing because I was too nervous to let myself breathe. Whether it was a presentation, the impatient wait for news to arrive, or being in the presesnce of someone who literally takes your breath away. In this moment where our brain decides between fight or flight we don’t even get the opportunity to choose (as you mention) ourselves. What do WE want? How would WE like to react if we allowed oxygen to fill our lungs and fuel our brain? Thanks again <3

  • Thank you for sharing your words. I am glad that you were able to resonate with the words and practice breathing at the same time!


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