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Screenwriter Judahea Bluntt Changes the Tone of Black Romance

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Screenwriter Judahea Bluntt uses her writing talent to tell Black romance stories. Take a look at how and why she started.

Aliwazas Mag: Hi, Judahea. Can you tell us what your "thing" is?

Judahea Bluntt: I like to think of myself as a very easygoing type of person. I love doing relaxing activities like yoga, listening to music, reading and writing. Specifically writing is what I do. Writing gives me the ability to put my imagination on paper and share it with everyone else.

I decided to become a screenwriter to tell stories, specifically romances, that involved Black people. Most Black romances involve some sort of trauma or abuse and I think it’s unfair. Not every Black relationship has that, and I want to show a tender, healthy, sweet type of romance that Black people can be excited about and enjoy. It’s necessary that younger generations see Black romances in a positive and healthy light.

AM: We know it is sometimes difficult to finally do "the thing." What pushed you to get out of your head and get started?

JB: I realized while I was pursuing a different career path that I would never be satisfied with it. The only thing that truly made me happy was writing, and I knew if I didn’t try to become a screenwriter I would never be satisfied. So I decided to apply for grad school to become a professional screenwriter and learn all the tools necessary to put together an amazing story with complex characters.


AM: To what do you credit any success you've experienced once you got started?

JB: I credit all of my friends and a few of my family members for encouraging me to pursue what makes me happy, and telling me that I’m off to a great start and can become better over time. Because of them, I completed my very first script to submit to a few universities I’ve applied to.

AM: At which point along your journey (if any) did you find ease? How do you create ease for yourself along the way?

JB: When writing my first screenplay I created ease by writing a few pages a day. I knew if I wrote a few pages a day, I would be able to complete it in time for submission. I would also listen to music that would stimulate me and get the ideas to flow.

AM: Is there anything else you would like to share with our readers?

JB: I would like to share my excitement about the future and my eagerness and willing to learn more about the craft of screenwriting and I hope to one day be on a team of writers for a major TV show or feature length film.

That is all we have from Judahea. Which industries are you looking to leave your mark on? Let us know in the comments below! Follow Judahea on Instagram and Twitter to stay in touch.

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