Retrograde Survival Guide: The Quick-and-Dirty on the Planets and their Movements

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Author: Anika at Black Girl Bliss
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If there was going to be a song that played in the background of this post, it would be Juvenile’s Back That Azz Up (for the 99 and the 2000s).

In case you haven’t yet heard, there will be six (SIX!) planets in retrograde all at once this summer. What does that mean for you?

Definition of retrograde

We remember from elementary school science that the planets are always spinning and moving in the same directions around the sun in outer space. However, sometimes the planets spin so quickly that they seem to be moving backwards. This illusion of backwards spinning is called a “retrograde”.

The retrograde we’re most familiar with is Mercury, which happens 3-4 times per year and makes us double check our travel plans, take extra special care in our speech and of our technology, and bring exes and old friends out of the woodwork. All the planets retrograde, some longer than others. The longer the retrograde (for example, Neptune retrogrades for 5-6 months), the less the effect is felt by us on Earth. The quicker the retrograde (Mercury, for example, is just a few weeks long) the influences are felt more strongly.

Planets in retrograde

Between June 26th and July 10th, 2018, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Neptune, and Pluto will all be retrograde. Jupiter turns direct on July 10th, and the number of retrograde planets drops to four. Then Mercury retrogrades on July 26th, making that number five again. Uranus goes retrograde August 7th and makes planet number six.

Personal influences

The influence of these planets on your life depends on your personal natal astrological chart (generate yours at a site like if you’ve never seen it – you’ll need your birth city/state/country and time of birth).

Retrogrades typically make us turn inward and reflect on the energies that those planets bring to our lives. Contrary to popular belief, retrograde doesn’t always mean chaos. Challenges we face during retrogrades are great reminders and catalysts for growth, healing, shifting, and becoming better.

Overall, the retrogrades could influence the collective in the following ways:

Jupiter Rx make us consider our spiritual beliefs and our philosophy to life. What does success and abundance mean to you? Double check your travel plans. Avoid risks and large expenses as much as possible. This is a good time for research and considering various options until Jupiter goes direct.

Mars Rx is a time to avoid physical risks and responding to challenges. Take extra effort to cool down before acting and communicating. Don’t rush and don’t resist delays. Think of creative ways around obstacles. Beware of violent outbursts and explosions. This is not a good time to start anything new. Masculine associated things like military and police can cause a ruckus during this time as well.

Mercury Rx is typical, mucking up communication, thinking, logic, and understanding. Avoid signing contracts, making large purchases, especially of electronics, and launching anything new. This is a good time for reviewing and revising in preparation for life when Mercury goes direct.

Neptune Rx makes us all a bit more day-dreamy and living inside our heads. We may discover some truths that we had hidden or denied previously. This is the catalyst we need to make change for the better. Work with this energy to manifest your dreams and creative ideas.

Pluto Rx will have you look at your shadow side, the perceived “bad” and “ugly” parts of you. You will confront your desires for the taboo and the motivation behind these desires. You will address and purge old pain and embrace transformation.

Saturn Rx requires us to take our time and do things correctly the first time. You will certainly practice patience during this time. You may also encounter issues with authority and may feel very “fight the power” during this time, whatever “power” you may feel oppressed by at the time. Maintain your boundaries, make necessary changes, and learn from past mistakes.

Uranus Rx is the planet that might throw a bit of chaos your way. Expect the unexpected! Your actions and presentation in the world during this time may be the opposite of how you usually behave and show up. Think about what it means to you to be free and pay attention to your intuition.

There is a WHOLE LOT going on, but no worries, summer is not totally a drag. Things start moving direct again on August 19th.

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