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Parenting after Divorce

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An intelligent black king and intelligent black queen created intelligent black queens…Kisses sent to heaven for Rachel Natasha
We come from a large family of brain game champions. Bid Whist, Dominoes, and Scrabble were the games I most remember. The Matthews family is so serious about Scrabble that they will challenge your ass on a word and pull out the Scrabble dictionary and be RIGHT almost every time. I was lucky that mom still had her Scrabble board game she had in Germany with the Swivel base. I am the proud owner of said game.
Mom is your, “Nope. Don’t tell her. Let her figure it out kinda mama.”
Dad is your, “Okay pumpkin, this is what you want to pay attention to” kinda pops.
Mom was also that go look it up in the dictionary if you can’t spell it kinda mom. Then there was me, “How do I look it up if I can’t spell it?” child. She would then tell me to go sound it out and look for it…Hell, it worked. Took me all day looking through that 500, 000-word print dictionary, but I would finally find it. 😒🙄
I played my first scored game of Dominoes with my parents and it didn’t take long to grasp the strategies. I won the first round, by luck maybe 🤷🏾, but whateva. Dad only won because I helped him out. 😂 🖤🖤
I didn’t grow up watching my parents, aunts, and uncles play spades. So don’t be surprised when I say I’m not experienced in spades.

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  • Is there another part to this story? I’m hooked?
    Don’t leave me hanging like this.


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