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Dr. Jennifer Edwards Wants You to Put Wellness First

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Wellthy Academy founder, Dr. Jennifer Edwards, is doing her thing. We set out to learn more about her career in science and wellness and got a little lesson in the power of living a purpose-driven life. 

Aliwazas Mag: Hi, Jennifer. Can you tell us what your "thing" is?

Dr. Jennifer Edwards: I’m here to connect with ladies who seek to maintain an intentional, focused, and healthy approach to wellness and building a legacy.

As a wellness scientist and global speaker, I seek to equip ladies with strategies, tools, and ideas to live well while advancing along our accomplished paths. We so often leave health and wellness out of our professional narrative.

I love sharing real life challenges and joys and learning together how to keep wellness first as we build our lives, families, businesses, and careers.

AM: We know it is sometimes difficult to finally do "the thing." What pushed you to get out of your head and get started?

JE: I’m a fourth generation entrepreneur, so it has always been instilled in me that anything is possible. I wish that for all ladies who have a dream and need to step out on faith.

JE Photo 1 - Dr. Jenn Edwards

AM: To what do you credit any success you've experienced once you got started?

JE: Consistency. It is a sprint, not a marathon. You have to be willing to endure the no’s, refine your approach, and keep going.

AM: At which point along your journey (if any) did you find ease? How do you create ease for yourself along the way?

JE: Leading a wellness brand is not easy. It is fun, it is true to my mission and personal purpose, but it is not easy. If you find an entrepreneur that would assign ease to our lives, let me know. It is, however, critical that we build a high performing team. That frees the leader up to grow and sustain the business for the long haul, and take on necessary tasks, thereby freeing up my time.

AM: How can our readers get involved with your wellness brand?

JE: I’m equipping accomplished ladies through my Wellthy Academy. Wellthy is a four-step system to advance in both career and life in a balanced and burnout-free way. Participants gain lifetime access to my four (4) tiered system to reverse burnout, achieve balance, and expand your impact. We’ll evolve your mindset, re-prioritize, create actionable strategies, and create a sustainable plan for your success.

That is all we have from Dr. Edwards. Are you looking forward to Wellthy Academy? Let us know in the comments below! Follow her on Instagram to stay in touch.

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