Mag by Aliwazas is a communal publication that puts the written works of Black women creators center stage. We circulate the latest business, lifestyle, and tech content from gifted creators around the web.

We help content seekers and content creators start long-lasting relationships.

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An outlet that allows creators to support each other while maintaining complete autonomy through their own blog.

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Opportunities for readers to discover and support creators in one convenient mag experience.

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Community and partnership that makes sense.

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Novice to expert content creators journey.


What potential creators want to know.

Yes. Each creator has their own author page, link, and dashboard. Your content will appear on your own page as well as our general mag.

Creators can publish indefinitely so long as they adhere to Aliwazas Terms and conditions.

Our team searches our mag for stories that are well-written and evergreen. We do not accept payment for promotions.

Creators and interested parties are encouraged to join our Facebook community.


We are a publicly sourced publication.⁣ Your stories MUST BE PUBLISHED ON MAG.ALIWAZAS.COM to be featured on the site and any affiliated brand accounts. Aliwazas is not responsible for generating readership for any creator and is not obligated to feature or endorse any story or back any claim made by any creator. All story views generated on mag.aliwazas.com is the direct result of marketing efforts made by each creator. Story views are the sole responsibility of each creator. Read more in our Terms and Conditions.

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