#bgtHiddenFigures: The Low Down

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Author: lola odelola
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Planning, promotion and future social events

In February we had a free private screening for Oscar-nominee, Hidden Figures, the story of Kathrine Johnson, Mary Jackson and Dorothy Vaughn, three black women pioneers working for NASA during the space race. The film pays special attention to Kathrine Johnson, a young prodigy, and the battles she (& the women around her) had to fight just to ensure her contributions were taken seriously. The film is amazing and is definitely a must-see.

This is the first :bgt social event of the year and almost didn’t happen because we weren’t sure how we were going to secure the funding, however 38 Degrees came through for us and paid for the screening. It also helped that RichMix offer a discounted price for non-profits. The planning of it wasn’t too difficult and because the film’s reputation precedes it, promotion was a breeze. There are things the team thought would have taken it to the next level, such as a discussion forum after the movie, but the general consensus from attendees was that they loved it.

With that in mind, we want to do more social event throughout the year. :bgt isn’t just about learning about technology but it’s also about community, so if you have any social ideas that you think we should consider, contact us at: info@blackgirl.tech.

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